Traditionally, used cars trading has been hard work and you always feel a bit cheated. Surprisingly enough, WelaDela has come-up with a win-win solution that makes buying and selling used cars in UAE smooth, fair and fun. We help car owners in UAE sell their used cars at desired price with a simple fun lucky draw. Now you can own your dream car by getting your big ticket online for as low as AED 25!!!
How we do it? It’s pretty simple; sellers post FREE ads to include their cars in lucky draw. We divide the car price by six hundred and sell that many items for each car. With each item, you get free lottery tickets. Once all items are sold, we conduct a raffle draw for that used car and choose a winner. And it’s all done with oversight from the Dubai Economic Department to keep it honest. So unlike all other raffle draws, you may be the one in six hundred who actually gets the car they want and not just a lottery ticket and in the process, you also earn reward points. If you don’t win the car lottery, you can redeem your reward points for future purchases.

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