Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is weladela.com different from other used car portals?

    Unlike all other portals, where you just post the ad and wait for the customers, we take care of everything and ensure the sale of your car. We DO NOT CHARGE ANYTHING for registering and posting the ad on our website. We also market your car everywhere FREE OF COST for quick sale. In short, other portals do not care about the sale whereas we guarantee the sale of your car.

  • How are the draws conducted?

    Draws for all the cars are conducted on weekly/monthly basis in the presence of Government Officials.

  • When is the draw date for WelaDela?

    Draws for all the cars are conducted on weekly/monthly basis depending on the confirmation and approval from concerned Government departments.

  • How many tickets are there in WelaDela Raffle Draw?

    There are only 600 tickets for every raffle draw.

  • What if the car fails to pass the fitness test?

    It will be the responsibility of the seller to rectify all the issues pointed out in the test report. Only then we will be able to proceed with the payment and transfer process. In case there is something pointed out by the agency that cannot be fixed or declares the car unfit for UAE roads, we will replace it with a car having similar value which is either listed on the website or from any of our partner car dealers.

  • Who will pay the costs for transfer and testing?

    All the testing, registration, and other costs involved in car registration/transfer process shall be paid by the winner as per the prevailing practice in UAE.

  • I’m a buyer. What will happen if the desired number of items are not sold for a particular car?

    In case the desired number of items are not sold for a particular car, we will transfer your ticket to a draw for any other car. A new ticket will be issued and will be sent to your email. If the older ticket is of more value than the new ticket, then you will get free additional tickets having value equivalent to the amount you have already paid. In case if there is any balance left, it shall be transferred to your weladela.com account in form of reward points.

  • How can I redeem my points?

    As of now, the points can only be redeemed at our website for the purchase of raffle tickets. However, we are working to expand our network and will soon introduce partner merchants where you will be able to redeem WelaDela reward points.


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